NPGA is an association in terms of art. 60ff (Swiss Federal Legislation) based in Berne, Switzerland; founded on 1st December 2011.

«It is the declared goal of nordur to support a stakeholder based process to clarify the political, economical and technical questions regarding the cooperation between Iceland and Switzerland.»


nordur Power Grid Association
Altenbergstrasse 8
CH–3013 Bern


  • Oliver Stankiewitz, dipl.Ing.ETH, lead auditor SQS, former CEO Swiss Climate Invest Ltd.
  • Philipp Müller, Entrepreneur, expert for direct-current technologies, co-founder of Sputnik Engineering AG

Advisory Board

  • Anton Bucher, former Director VSE, Member of the Board EW Oftringen
  • Urs Glutz, former Head Public Affairs Swisspower
  • Ursula Giger, Lecturer in Icelandic at Universities of Basel and Zurich, Departments of Scandinavian Philology, Basel & Reykjavik
  • Hajo Leutenegger, former President of the Board of the Swiss Gas Association (VSG), former National Councillor of the Canton of Zug
  • Dr. Björn Oddsson, former Lecturer Engineering Geology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
  • Christian Staub, former Head Treasury Finance Division, Arion Banki, Reykjavik

Working Group

  • Orlando Crameri, senior expert Energy sector
  • Reto Crameri, expert Energy sector
  • Heiner Diering, PR and project management
  • Dr. Simon Pfister, permanent Lecturer in Managerila Finance ACA-HSG
  • Martin Rüegsegger, national Teamleader for Switzerland IEA Task 33, former head R&D group SFOE 'Small-hydro, Bio Fuels & Fuel Cells', eteca GmbH
  • Markus Schellenberg, Head Trade ewb, utility City of Bern
  • Peter Schmocker, Professor for Water Enginieering and Hydraulics, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Chris Stahel, Manager Erdgas Regio AG
  • Sandro Zazzali, expert for energy efficiency