Energy transition – a global challenge

The energy consumption will continue to grow in the coming decades, particularly in the emerging nations of Asia and South America. If this growing demand in the future shall be covered with neither fossil burnings nor nuclear power, new preferably regenerative and sustainable sources of energy have to be found or created. In all countries and regions of this world great efforts have to be made to accomplish this transition in an appropriate period – also in Switzerland.

«The energy transition is not coming, it's going on.»

Promotion of a long-term cooperation between Iceland and Switzerland

Iceland with it's large rivers and glaciers and it's wind and geothermal energy belongs to the places with great potential for the sustainable production of renewable energies. The transportation of big energy flows via HVDC even over wide distances is possible today.

Switzerland on the other hand holds a long-term experiance in a stakeholder-based hydropower generation, but has only limited additional capacities to be explored. In addition, Switzerland intends to phase out it's nuclear power-plant activities. Therefore a long-term cooperation in the field of renewable energies between Iceland and Switzerland could be very promising for both countries.

Creation of economical and political framework requirements

A prior-ranking milestone of the project is to create the correspondent political, economical and technical basis of decision-making for a framework agreement between Iceland and Switzerland.

The NORDUR vision & the principle of compensation

In fact, the exploitation of renewable energies always goes along with an intervention in existing ecosystems. Therefore the nordur vision promotes the establishment of a «Renewable Energy Compensation Fund» (REC-Fund) as integrated part of the concept.