The norður Power Grid Association at a glance

Who we are

The nordur Association is a civil society initiative aiming to shape a future cooperation of EFTA member states in the field of renewable energies. It was established on 1st December 2011 as an association that grew out of a network of scientists, politicians and economists, who together developed the nordur concept. Founding members of nordur Association are committed private individuals out of specific networks in the field of research and development, technology and politics.

«Who wants to accomplish the coming energy transition depends on strategic alliances. Only productive cooperations inland and abroad can lead into a sustainable energy supply in future.»

What we do

We are working on the implementation of the nordur concept, a comprehensive solution that ensures a reliable energy supply, and promotes to strengthen the role of EFTA member states in the field of renewable energies:

  • We inform about the potential benefits of nordur concept
  • We promote the establishment of a framework agreement in the field of renewable energies for EFTA member states
  • We support knowledge transfer and scientific co-operation of involved actors and institutions
  • We foster exchange and co-operation with the private sector

At first priority nordur Association promotes a cooperation between Iceland and Switzerland and a construction of HVDC connection from Iceland to Europe.