«The Nordur vision seeks to promote a beneficial cooperation for Iceland and Switzerland in the field of renewable energies.»

The implementation of the «vision nordur» is carried out basically in three phases. Nordur Powergrid Association offers the institutional framework. If the creation of the political framework requirements will succeed, nordur Ltd. will be responsible for it's realization.

Initial phase

Until summer 2014 nordur aims to furnish the basis of decision-making for a political framework agreement between Iceland and Switzerland.

The basic challenges of this initial phase are:

  • Creation of a widely supported interdisciplinary research & development network with actors from both countries
  • Definition of the set-up for named Renewable Energy Compensation Fund
  • Furnishing the basis of decision-making for a potential framework agreement between Iceland and Switzerland – eventually in a setting with the EFTA
  • Clarification of all important questions concerning feasibility, cost effectiviness and sustainability of the planned constructional and operational measures

Phase 2

2015 the nordur Power SNG ltd. was founded. As a project development company it focuses on Power-to-Gas (PtG) in the nordic region. As a storage method, PtG can contribute to compensate the increasing fluctuations in renewable electricity generation and facilitate long-term use of electricity which cannot be integrated directly into the grid at times of particularly.

In a first step, the PtG technology uses the so-called surplus electricity to enable electrolysis, in which water (H2O) splits into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). In the second step, methanation transforms hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) into the synthetic gas methane (CH4). The SNG produced (synthetic natural gas SNG) can be stored in the existing natural gas network or in gas tanks for later use.